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Granite Material

Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Countertops & Bathrooms


Granite is a type of igneous rock that is very hard, solid, durable and highly polished. The granite stone does not scratch easily and is very resistant to heat. Granite stone is one of the best options for paving highways, interior decoration and stairs due to its high resistance and durability. Due to its unique beauty, it can also be used in the exterior of the building. Another benefit of granite is its resistance to water penetration and resistance to impact, which made it possible to use it in industrial environments.
By polishing the surface of the granite, the best possible appearance of this type of stone can be demonstrated. it is recommended to flame the granite when use it on the floor to increase the stone's wear and prevent slipping .Due to the high degree of hardness of the granite stone, the cost of cutting and processing is more than calcareous stones, but due to its long life and durability is economical compared with calcareous stones. Granite resistance is higher than marble and travertine stones, and its more polished and glossy surface is also preserved.
Granite gems are found in red, black, white, gray, brown, chocolate, pink, blue and green. The aggregates of this rock are coarse and visible to the eye.

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