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Travertine Material

Interior/Exterior Walls, Interior/Exterior Floors & Bathrooms


Travertine is one of the types of crystalline calcareous stones formed by the evaporation of calcium bicarbonate water in warm water sources. Travertine has a variety of white, cream, gray and ... colors.
Travertine Stone Features
• Although travertine is not as hard as granite or marble but it is infinitely durable. Travertine is resistant to water and moisture, and due to porous surface can be used for wet areas and outer space. It also highly resistant to crushing or cracking.
• Travertine has holes and cavities that should be filled with materials such as white cement resin or paraffin. The presence of a cavity in the travertine causes the cement mortar to penetrate the cavity during the installation of the stone and prevents the stone from falling.
• Travertine stones are cut in from of rift cut or cross-cut and vein cut. If the stone travertine is cut parallel to the layers and the image of these layers is observed in the form of clouds and winds on the rock, then they are referred to as "cross-cut". In this type of stone cutting also has more strength. If the stone travertine is cut perpendicular to the layers, it is called "vein cut".

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