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Onyx Material

Interior Walls, Bathrooms and Floor Bathrooms


The Onyx marble is a metamorphic rock that is composed of calcium carbonate. The presence of aluminum and magnesium salts in marble rocks result in variation in their color. The pure membrane is completely white. There are also exists in black, green, pink and yellow colors. Like Marble, it is recommended to not use Onyx in outer space, because Onyx is exposed to sunlight, cold and heat, it loses its durability and strength, and gets weathered. Marble rocks are used in the interior. One of its characteristics of Onyx stones is the passage of light and nowadays widely has been used in modern architecture and interior decoration with back lighting specially in design of lobbies and living rooms. A lightening onyx stone can make your interior decorations unique. Onyx stones can be found in green, white, black, gray, honey, pink, red, brown, yellow and other colors.

Marble stones are always popular for interior decoration. If, for any reason, your marble was formed and scratches or a hole appeared in its appearance, it would be enough to wet the surface of the marble, fill it with the stone powder in the cavities, then simply polish it with a soft membrane.

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